This is a platform where I aim to record my everyday life in English. On one hand, I can use this website to document my daily experiences, enabling me to reminisce about life’s trajectory in the future. On the other hand, I can cultivate this habit to enhance my English skills. (Maybe not every day, I am a lazy dog =w=)


12-04 20:26:50

Today, I’ve been in class all morning. In the afternoon, I’ve been fixing and updating my personal website. I didn’t take a nap and continued working until the evening. At 9 o’clock, I ran 2.5 kilometers. Honestly, my body is still not fully recovered even after the exercise.While fixing and updating my personal website, I encountered many experts. They made me realize the vast differences between individuals in terms of skills and knowledge.

12-03 20:26:50

Today is another idle day. I woke up late in the morning, and in the afternoon to evening, apart from attending classes, I spent my time helping classmates with Hadoop assignments.

12-02 20:26:50

Didn’t do much today, spent the whole day playing games, and also took some time to read poetry.

12-01 20:26:50

This morning, I went for a driving lesson. My back was sore, but it was quite interesting. After I came back, I spent the afternoon playing games.

11-30 20:26:50

After school today, in the afternoon, some classmates invited me to play RLcraft. I joined them and spent the whole afternoon playing. Unfortunately, they weren’t very skilled at it, and in the end, we didn’t have the patience to continue.

11-29 20:26:50

Today, I had quite a few classes. After they were over, I studied computer organization principles in the laboratory and then read some poetry. That’s how the day went by.

11-28 20:26:50

Today, I am still coughing and have a runny nose, but the symptoms are much lighter than the past few days. I studied computer networks and a section of advanced mathematics today. Advanced mathematics remains as challenging as ever. In the evening, I memorized some vocabulary.

11-27 21:12:41

Today, I went through the course selection process. To be honest, I find many courses interesting, but due to time constraints and my uncertainty about whether I can truly learn interesting things in these courses, I didn’t choose a lot. I’m still studying computer architecture today and made some good progress. I hope I can continue to keep up the momentum.

11-26 20:13:45

When I woke up today, it was already close to noon. I did some laundry and had lunch. In the afternoon, I spent my time playing games. When I opened ‘Battlefield V,’ which I hadn’t played in a long time, a wave of thoughts rushed to my mind, recalling the happy moments of playing with friends after the end of the college entrance examination. Unfortunately, time is just time, and it won’t come back again…

11-25 22:10:03

It seems like I’m not running a fever anymore, but I’ve been constantly sneezing and I feel like it might be due to my rhinitis. This afternoon, I studied Computer Organization and Principles in the laboratory, which was very challenging but also very meaningful.

11-24 19:32:12

This morning I had a fever for a while, but it went away in the afternoon. I finished my Hadoop homework, which was much easier than I had imagined.

11-23 21:05:34

I felt uncomfortable today, chilly in the middle of the night, and had a severe fever when I woke up in the morning. I stayed in bed from the afternoon until the evening.

11-22 22:05:15

I woke up today without any fever or other discomfort. I feel like I have recovered and returned to how I was before. The Linux class today was very interesting, and the content about FTP was amusing. I took a shower in the evening, but for some reason, the water wasn’t very hot.

11-21 22:15:31

I started having a fever this morning, and it didn’t start to improve until the afternoon.

11-20 19:05:35

Today is a painful day because of yesterday’s physical examination. I am all over sore. It’s probably contagious from my roommate, which has left me a bit disoriented today. As I’m writing this diary entry, I am running a low-grade fever, feeling chilly all over, and my bronchial tubes are quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, my medication has been delivered to the school gate. I hope for a quick recovery. Since contracting COVID-19 twice, my body is not as resilient as it used to be.

11-19 21:48:30

Today, I underwent a physical fitness test. Many people gave up on pull-ups and scored zero, but I persevered and attempted them, only to still score zero. I also ran a kilometer, which didn’t seem as challenging as I had imagined. In the afternoon, I watched the League of Legends World Championship, but the results didn’t evoke much emotion in me. I came across a group photo from high school today, and a rush of memories flooded my mind. Lately, I’ve noticeably slacked off in my studies, and it’s something I need to reflect on. By the way, my roommates have started to have fevers and coughs, but I currently don’t have any symptoms. Wish me luck!

11-18 21:43:36

Today, I skipped my driving lesson. In the morning, I did some laundry. In the afternoon, I tackled the complexities of “Principles of Computer Composition,” finding it quite challenging. In the evening, I unwound by watching a few Hong Kong dramas before calling it a night.

11-17 22:08:15

This morning, I woke up early and practiced driving for 3 hours. In the afternoon, I took a long nap and, not surprisingly, experienced sleep paralysis. I played games for a while in the evening before going to bed. By the way, I’ve decided to start taking a fixed amount of vitamin B and C daily to alleviate facial inflammation caused by changes in weather.

11-16 21:40:21

Today, I officially started my on-road driving lessons at the driving school. I had a 4-hour driving session in the afternoon, and I felt very tired and somewhat unfamiliar with the process.

11-15 22:29:36

Today in the algorithm class, I worked on some algorithm problems. Due to not practicing for a long time, I found myself a bit rusty when it came to today’s algorithm assignment. In the afternoon, I tackled the web assignment, acknowledging its challenging and difficult nature. However, I didn’t fully immerse myself in it, perhaps because my interest in web development is not very strong. From the afternoon until the evening, I stayed in the lab (except for dinner and a 2.5-kilometer run). In the evening, I primarily reviewed words I had memorized before and then delved into the intriguing subjects of digital logic and computer architecture.

As I write this diary entry, I am still in the lab, and it’s almost 23:00. My stomach is quite hungry, and I’m unsure if I’ll be able to have instant noodles back in the dormitory. With seemingly no classes tomorrow, I’m contemplating whether to sleep a bit later tonight. I’m considering continuing the history book I haven’t finished yet, but it’s getting late, and I’m afraid of waking up late again tomorrow = =.Incidentally, I had another strange dream today. Most of my recent dreams seem to be related to emotions. It’s really peculiar.

11-14 22:15:36

The diary entry for this day is actually written on the following day because I forgot =w=. Today, I spent 4 hours at the driving school due to the second phase of the driving test. Since I couldn’t get behind the wheel yet, I spent those 4 hours playing games at the driving school. In the afternoon, I took a nap and, unsurprisingly, experienced sleep paralysis again, accompanied by some strange dreams. In the evening, I continued working on my Hadoop assignment, successfully fixing the bug that was left unresolved from yesterday. I admit it was due to my own foolishness. I returned to the dormitory around 23:00 after eating a cup of instant noodles and went to sleep.

11-13 22:19:59

This afternoon, I took a nap for 2 hours and not only experienced sleep paralysis but also had some strange dreams. In the afternoon, I went to the bank to get a new debit card, which took me 2 hours, much longer than I had anticipated. In the evening, while studying Hadoop, I encountered some bugs. It seems I won’t be able to resolve them today, so I’ll leave them for my future self to deal with every day.By the way, today I unintentionally opened my old playlist, and in an instant, memories from the past flooded back into my mind. Truly nostalgic…

11-12 22:51:55

Today is a boring day, eating, sleeping, playing computer games. In the evening, I ran 3 kilometers and also reviewed Hadoop for a while. I noticed that my neck and shoulders are a bit tired, so I think I should try to exercise.

11-11 22:07:23

This morning until noon, I attended an academic conference on AI as an onlooker. Although it was difficult for me to fully comprehend due to my limited knowledge, I enjoyed the scholarly atmosphere. In the afternoon, I took a long nap to make up for staying up late the night before. In the evening, I did laundry and spent some time reading a book.

11-10 22:50:16

Today, I took the written test for my driver’s license, and the exam went smoothly without any obstacles. After the test, I spent some time playing with the cats on the campus, and they were unusually well-behaved and obedient today. Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed playing Minecraft for a few hours. I also discovered that the clothes I bought on Taobao are not as ideal as I expected, so I plan to return them the day after tomorrow.

11-9 22:48:45

Today was an ordinary day with nothing particularly notable to mention. After class, I continued to complete my driver’s license test in order to prepare for the subject 1 exam tomorrow. I hope I can pass it smoothly.

11-8 21:47:16

Today was not a good day. Upon waking up, I experienced a severe headache that lasted all day. This situation was probably caused by the cold weather. I didn’t have breakfast. I had beef ramen for lunch and it was pretty average. Also, today’s classes (Algorithm and Linux) were easy but interesting. In the evening, we did part of the sports test and I think my performance was average. I also reviewed some driver’s license test questions and English words. Although I gradually recovered from the cold, my learning status was not adjusted in time.

11-7 22:35:06

In the morning, I had bread and hot water for breakfast. Honestly, I don’t have the habit of eating breakfast due to laziness. Today’s lunch was not delicious, so I didn’t finish it and regretted it. It’s worth mentioning that I participated in a volunteer activity, but most of the time was spent playing with kittens in the square. In the afternoon, I played Minecraft by myself until dinner. Dinner, as always, was chicken.In the evening, I completed about 500 driver’s license test questions, but I still don’t have the confidence to pass it. By the way, I reviewed some English words that I didn’t memorize a few days ago due to frequent colds. I haven’t studied for days due to physical reasons (there is also a bit of laziness involved). Interestingly, I had a special dream during my sleep, and it lasted one night. I don’t know whether it will influence my real life…

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