①Now the nation’s top patent court appears completely ready to scale back on business-method patents , which have been controversial ever since they were first authorized 10 years ago.


patent 专利

court 法院

scale back 减少、缩减或降低规模

controversial 饱受争议或引发争议的事物

authorize 授权、批准或允许某人或某事执行某项任务、行动或活动


Curbs on business-method claims would be a dramatic about-face,because it was the Federal Circuit itself that introduced such patents with its 1998 decision in the so-called State Street Bank case, approving a patent on a way of pooling mutual-fund assets.

对商业方法专利的限制将是一个戏剧性的大逆转,因为正是联邦巡回法院自身在1998年的所谓”State Street Bank”案中引入了这种专利,批准了一项关于共同基金资产汇集方式的专利。

curb 限制、约束、控制

claim 权利要求;索赔

dramatic 戏剧性的;剧烈的

about-face 彻底转变;大幅改变;完全逆转

Federal Circuit 联邦法院

so-called 被称为的;所谓的;

case 案件;情况;实例

pooling 汇集一起

mutual-fund 共同资金;基金

asset 资产


The Federal Circuit issued an unusual order stating that the case would be heard by all 12 of the court’s judges, rather than a typical panel of three, and that one issue it wants to evaluate is whether it should “reconsider” its State Street Bank ruling.

联邦巡回法庭发布了一项不寻常的命令,宣布该案将由法庭的所有12名法官审理,而不是通常的三人小组,并且其要评估的一个问题是是否应该“重新考虑”其关于 State Street Bank 的判决。

issue   n.问题、争议点、子女、判决结果   v.发行

state   n.州、国家、政府、情况、形式   v.陈述

panel   n.面板、小组、屏幕、仪表盘、委员会

evaluate   v.评估、审查、分析

reconsider   v.重新考虑

ruling   n.判决、规定、支配、决策


In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell argues that social epidemics” are driven in large part by the actions of a tiny minority of special individuals, often called influentials who are unusually informed, persuasive, or well connected.

在马尔科姆·格拉德威尔(Malcolm Gladwell)的书《引爆点》中,他提出社交流行现象很大程度上是由一小部分特殊个体的行动驱动的,这些个体通常被称为”有影响力的人”,他们在信息、说服力或人际关系方面异常出色。

Tipping n.消费、转折点、推动点

epidemic n.传染性疾病

driven 被驱使

in large part 很大程度上

minority n.少数群体、少数派

individual n.个体

influential n.有影响力的人或事物

persuasive adj.有说服力的

For a social epidemic to occur, however, each person so affected must then influence his or her own acquaintances, who must in turn influence theirs, and so on; and just how many others pay attention to each of these people has little to do with the initial influential.


occur v.产生

acquaintance n.熟人

in turn 轮流、依次

initial adj.初始的

influential adj.有影响力 有影响力的人或事物


They found that the principal requirement for what is called
“global cascades” the widespread propagation of influence through networks — is the presence not of a few influentials but, rather, of a critical mass of easily influenced people.


principal adj.主要的

requirement n.要求;需求

cascades n.级联

widespread adj.广泛的

propagation n.传播;传递

presence n.存在

critical adj.关键的;重要的

mass n.大量的群体


The IASB says it does not want to act without overall planning, but the pressure to fold when it completes its reconstruction of rules later this year is strong.


overall adj. 整体的,全面的,总体的

fold adj. 妥协,屈服

reconstruction n.重构,重建


The longest bull run in a century of art-market history ended on adramatic note with a sale of 56 works by Damien Hirst, Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, at Sotheby’s in London on September 15th 2008

在艺术市场历史上持续了一个世纪的最长牛市在2008年9月15日在伦敦苏富比拍卖行举办的达明·赫斯特(Damien Hirst)的作品《永远美丽在我心中》(Beautiful Inside My Head Forever)拍卖会上戏剧性地结束了。

bull n. 牛市

century n.世纪

note adj.引人注目


But the market generates interest far beyond its size because it brings together great wealth, enormous egos, greed, passion and
controversy in a way matched by few other industries.

但市场之所以引起远远超出其规模的兴趣,是因为它将巨大财富、庞大自负、贪婪、激情和争议集于一身,这种情况几乎是其他行业 所无法比拟的。

far beyond 远远超过

enormous egos 极度自负

greed n. 贪婪

passion n. 激情

controversy n. 争议

match v. 相匹配的

industry n. 产业;行业


This episode crystallizes the irony that although American men tend to talk more than women in public situations, they often talk less at home.


episode n. 集

crystallizes v. 凝聚;显现

irony n. 讽刺

tend to 倾向于、往往会、有时会


It’s easy to dismiss as absurd the Trump administration‘s ideas for plugging the chronic funding gap of our national parks.


dismiss v. 忽视,不予理会

absurd adj. 荒谬的,荒唐的

administration n. 管理,行政机构

plug v.堵塞;补足;宣传

chronic adj. 慢性的;长期的;长期患病的;糟糕的;

funding n.资金,拨款

gap n.分歧;间隔;漏缺;裂口;


Perhaps, she suggests the trend will change our approach to learning from a focus on individual facts and memorization to an emphasis on more conceptual thinking - something that is not available on the Internet.



On top of this, they produce value from their extensive educational programs, their positive impact on the climate through carbon sequestration, their contribution to our cultural and artistic life, and of course through tourism.


sequestration n. 扣押、隔离、查封、扣留


However, the use of artificial grass must comply with the legal and policy safeguards in place to protect biodiversity and ensure sustainable drainage, while measures such as the strengthened biodiversity duty should serve to encourage public authorities to consider sustainable alternatives.


comply v.服从;遵守\

safeguard v.保护 n.保障措施\

drainage n.排水能力;排水系统\

biodiversity n.生物多样性\

duty n.责任,义务;值班;关税\

authorities n.当局,官方,权威


We shall see whether that plurality is a casualty of the current need among publishers to be big enough to take on all-comers.


plurality n.多样性;多元性;多数

casualty n.伤亡人员;受害者;毁害物;急诊室

take on 应对;处理

current adj.当前的;现行的;流通的


Now, with record-high home prices and historically low inventory , there’s an increased urgency in such regulation , particularly among those who worry that developers will come in and buy up swaths of housing to flip for a fortune on the short-term rental market.


record-high 创历史新高的

inventory n.库存

swath n.宽广的区域或带状地区

flip n&v.翻转

fortune n.财富;命运